Friday, September 9, 2011

How to get more graffiti on trains...

Along with taking on the public sector unions, here in Sydney the NSW State Government is also planning to introduce yet another round of tougher penalties for graffiti offences, including the removal of driver's licenses for repeat offenders.

N4T4, May Lane
As I've argued elsewhere, anyone who knew anything about graffiti would probably not think that forcing more graffiti writers onto public transport is the best way to reduce graffiti!

Anyways, ABC Television screened a story on the issue tonite, featuring an edited version of a short film called 'Unrequited Art' made by Merryn Calear and Jake Lloyd Jones.

It features some great pics and interviews, and a bit of footage of some middle-aged academic trying to sound like he's down with the kids (... yes, that's me ... cringe!).

Various bits and pieces, May Lane
Here's hoping that Labor and the minor parties stick to their guns, and reject this legislation for the second time next week.

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